The SEDETT Programme


An EU funded Erasmus Plus Partnership Project

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Coordinated, led & managed through the expert guidance of

Professor Chris Fortune


Professor of Project Management


Dr. Sarah Evans


Lecturer at the North Wales Business School


Engaging, Enthusing & Enterprising

This site ‘tells the story’ of the project and the people involved


 The project brings partners from across Europe together, to investigate social enterprise in 7 varied European contexts & provide:

  • a ‘snapshot’ of the way social enterprise has developed in each local context.
  • practical activities for those wishing to encourage ‘enterprise’ focused on socially valuable activities
  • support, throughout the project, for those developing of innovative educational practices for social enterprise

Those involved share a common interest & belief in the value of enterprise that is focused on providing social benefit. They intend, through their investigations and mutual actions, to improve their own understanding and skill & to share the results as widely as possible.

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