Poznan: Action

The agenda was prepared by Globalnet and PID following consultation with other key partners.

agenda p1 agenda p2agenda p3agenda p4

There was even before the meeting, the now usual complication relating to the timetable.

The application had not included finance for the extra day required for the return journey.
Consequently on receipt of the agenda two partners (adding to one already announced) immediately responded stating their need to leave before completion of  the work on the final day.

The Meeting

There was unexpected disruption!

Snow caused some UK airports to close and the Coordinators from Wrexham did not arrive until Tuesday evening.

The journey proved hazardous for several participants.


The weather in Poznan was comparatively mild – the ice sculptures of Sunday were decidedly less formal by Monday evening


“What a piece of work is man, How noble in reason, how infinite in faculty, In form and moving how express and admirable… what is this quintessence of dust?”

in this case more a ‘drop of water’, than ‘quintessence of dust’


Those present on Monday and Tuesday continued working with an adjusted programme:


and various exercises and investigations were completed:


Thursday was devoted to one major creative task – preparing, cooking and consuming traditional Polish food.


All participants shared the process, led by local experts. It was a major cooperative creative activity conducted with great care but in a jovial relaxed manner.

The photos illustrate the success of the exercise




Outside, the ground became covered with snowP14P15P16 P18


P20 The evidence


After a very pleasant lunch together the group broke into song.


On Friday a final session was held in which partners reviewed progress made during the meeting – and considered the plans to move the project towards completion.