The two day management meeting in Sevilla was held on 14th & 15th June 2017.

SEDETT Project Meeting June 2017


Weds 14th June – Base Room in Casa Sahara

0900 – 0945                   Introductions, Apologies, Welcome from Associacion de Ayuda,

Presentation from Director of Social Enterprise, City of Seville Council,

Visitor /Contextual Information re Seville

0945 – 10.00                  Consideration of Minutes /Notes from Meetings at LIT & WGU

Matters Arising

10.00 – 11.00                  Progress Summary Reports & Discussions


I02 – ADM


11.00 – 11.30                  Morning Coffee / Tea Break

11.30 – 1.00                  IO1 Data Analysis / Framework Development

1.00 – 2.00                  IO2 Video production Development Schedule



Thurs 15th June – Base room Associacion de Ayuda

0900                                    Meet up to travel by bus from centre to Associaicion de Ayuda

0945- 10.30                  Visit / Tour / Meeting with Associacion de Ayuda Project Staff

10.30 – 11.00                  Morning Coffee / Tea Break

11.00 – 12.00                  IO3 Framework development

12.00 – 2.00                  Project Review & Forward Planning for Rome Workshop


The venue for the second day’s meeting was changed to a  city centre venue due, in part, to the major festival of Corpus Christi occurring on that day.

Day One was composed of a meeting,



a jolly lunch……


……… and an evening of flamenco performed in authentic traditional style in a local bar.


The setting for the flamenco highlighted the very particular nature of the dance. This dance is no polite, gentle expression of an ordered, well managed occasion – such as occurs in some more formal situations.

Flamenco, as with many other forms of traditional dance, is full of passion & expressive energy. It is viscerally elemental –  expressed through musicians as well as dancers.

The local hosts were determined that the project partners should have such an experience – and they did not fail in their aim, as the evening was made the warmer by the hot, crowded bar in which the dance was performed.

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A truly remarkable, emotionally charged, mesmeric experience.


On Day Two various action points were agreed:

Actions Following the Meeting in Seville

  • To consider opportunities for media coverage and publicity (especially if attending related events). Such stories should also be added to the Blog.
  • To make more use of Social Media. A Facebook page and a Twitter account have been set up. It was agreed that it was easier to use the Facebook account and link it to the Twitter account. MN has sent the Facebook account details to everyone. C-J to have a think about how we could make the best use of the accounts.
  • PID to forward a questionnaire relating to the Bishops Castle workshop to all participants. Can everyone please complete so that the comments can be posted on the Blog. It was also emphasised that we need to make more use of the Blog, by posting comments/information. We also need to regularly check and contribute to the Blog.
  • To write up the newsletter (Spain). If anyone has information to put into the newsletter, please forward to Juan Carlos.
  • Any additional interviews to be sent to SEE.
  • Videos (on hold until Rome)
  • It was suggested that we all look at the results of the ‘Noun Project’ and the way that Sergio and Melina had used the PowerPoint template to write text.
  • SE asked if partners were able to provide a summary of each organisation that had participated in the project. The purpose was to assist with context when analysing the data and also for writing the IO1 report (and probably for the IO2 written materials). It was agreed that we would need to obtain permission for this to be published on the web and as part of the final project report. CF to amend the original interview permission form. It was considered that this background information could be found on each organisations website and that approximately half a page of writing would be sufficient.
  • Dates for Rome were amended to the 11th September (late afternoon) until Friday 15th
  • Dates for the Poznan workshop were proposed for the 11th to the 15th of December 2017 (these need to be confirmed).
  • Early March 2018 for the management meeting in Romania. Dana to advise on initial dates.


The meeting also used pictures to explore ways in which drawing may be used for expression of feeling – and also financial profit.

One of the purposes of the exercise was to address concerns expressed with an exercise performed by some partners earlier in the project in which they were asked to create drawings. The process had caused some difficulty for some who had been led to believe they could not draw. By using the work of Paul Klee it was hoped that all partners could understand how simple figurative, expressive & non-figurative art can be produced successfully by anyone.



After the meeting the partners emerged into the streets of the city centre where they concluded their visit engulfed by the processional chaos of celebratory Sevilla