C.J.R.A.E. Iasi


Using ‘Journey Sticks’ with colleagues.

Preparation, presentation & potential.

CJRAE offices are in a old school building.

The entrance has a mural from the 1980s which illustrates ‘where we are coming from’ – a controlling, central command society.

Introducing creative ideas such as ‘journey sticks’ helps break down the traditional lecture based formal education processes which still continue & attempt, as before, to control our minds and actions.

sch mural

The pictures of our work show how staff in our institution are ready to try new ways of working & take new ideas and use them with the students they work with.

We all learned about being ‘inventive’ & hope we can share our ‘inventive spirit’ with others.

1 prep


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15 assembling sticks

15.116 grouped


The exercise brought us all closer together & we hope to use other creative ideas in future.